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Extensive Restoration Project Completed of the North American Mission Board Building

posted Mar 4, 2016, 8:02 AM by Judah Clark   [ updated Mar 16, 2016, 9:16 AM by Monika Joy ]

September 2015, Presto Restoration Products & Services completed an extensive glass, metal and precast restoration project of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) in Alpharetta, Georgia. The entire building’s exterior surface, including glass, metal and precast concrete was restored and protected using Presto's uniquely designed product line. Nearly 8 miles of caulking was replaced using Dow Corning 757 SMS silicone caulking a unique silicone caulking that reduces residue rundown and substrate staining. The building’s glass, metal and precast surfaces were restored and protected as well and covered the distance of two football fields.

Many high-rise buildings are constructed similarly and the windows are typically cleaned in a traditional manner every six months only to develop stains on the glass, metal and precast surfaces within a couple of years after construction. By maintaining the building’s exterior with Presto Restoration Products, the NAMB building can preserve its original appearance and will prevent unnecessary and expensive restoration services from ever being performed again, if maintained properly.

After over a decade of continued use and testing, case-study after case-study proves that Presto’s protective treatments and maintenance process allow building facades to remain stain-free.

The following services were performed using the following products:

Services Performed

Product Used

Window Glass RestorationGlass Resurfacer Final Polish 
Window Glass ProtectionGlass Defender Primer + HD
Precast CleaningStone Restoration Products
Precast Sealing Using SiliconeStone Restoration Procducts
Anodized Aluminum Window Frame RestorationMetal ReSurfacer
Anodized Aluminum Window Frame ProtectionMetal Protector HD
Silicone Caulking All JointsDow Corning 756 SMS

Why Is Presto’s Process So Effective?

There are 4 major differences in Presto Restoration Products & Services’ system versus common industry standard services that help prevent stains from developing on the exterior surfaces:
  • Presto uses high-performance inorganic silicone sealer on precast, Most providers use organic silane or siloxane sealers that quickly break down compromising the surface protection and allows leaching from the failed sealer, as well as minerals from precast erosion onto adjacent surfaces.
  • Presto uses newly-developed high-performance inorganic silicone sealers that last 2-3 times longer for glass and metal surfaces and prevents stains for decades.
  • Presto recommends only deionized water for exterior window cleaning. Many exterior building maintenance companies use dish soap and tap water, which adds to the staining problem
  • Presto recommends Dow Corning 756 SMS Caulking, which is designed to reduce the run down of stains and can last up to 20 years. Many companies use a lower performing caulking that leaches oils onto adjacent surfaces and will not withstand staining or contributes to staining.
Additionally, the Presto Restoration Products & Services’ Team will continue to monitor the building’s resistance to the elements to ensure its products are performing as expected for years to come.

If you have a large commercial building that has exterior staining on glass, metal or precast/stone, needs waterproofing or caulking, visit this link to fill out or Request for Proposal form, call us at 1-877-329-0472