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Save $250K in 10 Years for Building Maintenance Using Presto

posted Mar 4, 2016, 7:46 AM by Judah Clark   [ updated Mar 4, 2016, 7:47 AM ]
Many commercial office real estate professionals worldwide, despite the amount spent on annual exterior building maintenance, are recognizing the need to rethink the products and techniques used to maintain these buildings. Presto Restoration Products & Services has revolutionized the restoration and maintenance industry by developing: Green Synergy Products - a highly efficient, environmentally-conscious, safer product line for commercial high-rise properties. Download Detailed Information via pdf.

Green Synergy Products actually save you money in the long run. View Presto’s 10-Year Return on Investment which demonstrates the value of using Presto’s products to maintain a commercial property while reducing costs, when compared to competitive product options. In this example, this property was able to save over $255,500 within a 10-year period.

The real estate industry identifies certain properties as “Green Buildings.” These properties take extra steps to create safer, cleaner, and environmentally-friendly spaces to work, live and play. This concept applies to the exterior of commercial properties as well. Our Green Synergy Products work together in order to clean and protect every surface of the building, while conforming to the following standards:
Qualities of Green Synergy Products:

  • Don’t produce soap scum residue - Conventional products create soap scum and mineral stains on building surfaces.
  • Less pollution - Partially-inorganic protective treatments do not break down as rapidly as organic treatments and therefore, prevent greater amounts of pollution from degrading into the environment. 
  • Long-term maintenance cost savings - Surfaces protected with Green Synergy Products can be maintained with easy cleaning processes, instead of frequent and expensive restoration procedures. 
  • Lack harsh chemicals - Safer, environmentally-friendly products increase performance without using dangerous, harsh chemicals.
  • Sustainable ROI results - High-performance protective treatments in combination with superior cleaning products and techniques, yield a greater return on your restoration investment. 
  • Require fewer applications or produce better coverage rates - Increased product efficiency means decreased application rates. Some treatments are often require 10 to 20 times less throughout the life of a property. 

In contrast, we use the term Brown Building Syndrome to classify the many buildings worldwide still using traditional, less environmentally-friendly chemicals to preserve the architectural surfaces of their properties. Brown Buildings tend to leach chemicals and environmental pollution into our working areas and ground water as the products react against each other and deteriorate.

To learn more about Presto's revolutionary process call: 1-877-329-0472.