Products for Glass Test Areas

We receive many inquiries regarding which glass products should be purchased in order to provide a sample area for a project.  Below we have listed out the items we recommend purchasing in order to perform test areas for glass restoration, and provided links to purchase the products on the right side of the page so that you may quickly select the products you want to purchase. 

Since there are many types of glass and many different causes of stains, we recommend purchasing both our EnviRestore and our ReSurfacer systems for glass. These products will restore almost any glass surface on the exterior of a building which have been stained due to a number of factors including: precast leaching, hydrofluoric acid stains, light scratches, soap scum, environmental contaminates, sprinkler over-spray, sealant over-spray and more.

After performing the restoration process we recommend the application of one of our protective treatments in order to preserve the appearance of the test area after restoration.


Glass ReSurfacer® Stripper: Acid-based product used to remove heavy mineral staining prior to the use of Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish; apply with window cleaning mop or other cloth applicator. Use when heavy mineral staining is present.

Glass ReSurfacer® Final Polish: Designed for use with a motorized polisher and our Glass ReSurfacer Pad to produce a scratch-free and highly reflective finish on a wide variety of glass surfaces. This product will remove severe mineral stains, acid burns, light scratches and even corrosion by sanding down the glass. For lighter stains, or to prepare the glass for our protective treatments, use random orbital sander or white, synthetic, non-abrasive pad.

If you are purchasing a 6" Glass ReSurfacer Pad, and do not have a suitable 6" backer pad for your polisher, you will need to purchase one below. 

EnviRestore® Glass Stain Remover: A restorative cream that removes stubborn stains from glass surfaces without the use of machinery. Use this product with a white, non abrasive pad or other soft cloth depending on the hardness of the glass. If heavy pressure is applied with an agressive applicator, very fine scratching may occur which is only noticeable in direct sunlight when viewed at an angle. 


Our glass protective treatments offer easy, primer less, one part application with the longest warranty periods in the industry.

The Glass Defender MD is a good product to start with when performing test areas.

Glass Defender® MD: High-performance, invisible coating that protects glass from damaging elements and helps to prevent scratching for up to 10 years.   We warrant this product for a 5 Year period without the application of Glass Defender Primer. 

Additional warranty periods are available through the application of higher performance protective treatments, or the application of our primer.
Glass Defender® HD: High-performance, invisible coating that protects glass from damaging elements and helps to prevent scratching for up to 20 years. We warrant this product for a 10 Year period without the application of Glass Defender Primer.

Glass Defender® Primer: Increases performance life of Glass Defender MD up to 10 years and Glass Defender HD up to 20 years.

All of the products we recommend may be ordered on this page. For case quantities, larger polishing pads, and detailed instructions for use, visit the links above.
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Glass ReSurfacer Stripper
Glass ReSurfacer Stripper

Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish
Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish

Purchase 1 Quart For $65.45

6 Inch Glass ReSurfacer Pad
6 Inch Glass ReSurfacer Pad

Purchase 6" Pad For $21.60

6 Inch Backer Pad
6 Inch Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad

Purchase 6" Backer Pads For $23.90

EnviRestore Glass Stain Remover
EnviRestore Glass Stain Remover

Purchase 1 Quart For $33.75

Glass Defender MD 
Glass Defender MD

Purchase 1 Quart for $48.80