Products For Metal Test Areas

We receive many inquiries regarding which metal products should be purchased in order to provide a sample test area on a given material.  Below we have listed out the items we recommend purchasing in order to perform test areas for metal restoration, and provided links to purchase the items on the right side of the page so that you may quickly select the products you want to purchase. 

Since there are many types of metal and many different causes of stains, we recommend purchasing both our EnviRestore and our ReSurfacer systems for metal. These products will restore almost any metal surface on the exterior of a building including: Alucobond, Reynobond, galvanized panels, anodized aluminum window frames, previously painted metal, and stainless steel.  


EnviRestore MSR - Cream for use by hand with Microfiber towel or Non-Abrasive White pad.  Use a buffer with our custom 6" EnviRestore Foam Pad. Most effective on soft metals like aluminum panels, but takes off many stains from Anodized Aluminum window frames.

Metal ReSurfacer - Milky solution for use by hand with Microfiber towel or Non-Abrasive White pad.  Use a buffer with our custom ReSurfacer Pad. Most effective for hard metals and severely oxidized coated surfaces.

Make sure to add the 6" backer pad if you purchase our custom 6" pads and do not already have a 6" backer pad for your type of polisher.


After performing the restoration process we recommend the application of one of our protective treatments in order to preserve the appearance of the test area after restoration.

Metal Protector MD - This is a clear silicone treatment which will not alter the appearance of the metal, and will help to protect the surface for at least 5 years. Apply this product with a Microfiber towel.

Metal Protector HD - Is a medium gloss water based treatment which enhances the appearance of many faded metal coatings. Apply this coating with a cigar roller or fine mist sprayer.

All of the products we recommend may be ordered on this page. For case quantities, larger polishing pads, and detailed instructions for use, visit the links above.
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EnviRestore MSR

EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover

Purchase One Quart $28.90

Metal ReSurfacer

Metal ReSurfacer

Purchase 1 Quart For $55.85

Metal Protector HD

Metal Protector HD

Purchase 1 Quart for $57.40

Metal Protector MD

Metal Protector MD

Purchase 1 Quart for $44.30