Glass ReSurfacer® Backer Pads

The Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad attaches to any standard polisher with a 5/8" chuck. This backer pad is 6" wide.

The Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad contains a hook and loop surface which is designed to hold the Glass ReSurfacer Pad, and provide ample support for polishing glass surfaces. This backer pad works exceptionally well for glass due to the fact that it has a hard rubber core along with a cushion of foam supporting the polishing pad.

The Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad and The Glass ReSurfacer Pad are designed to be used with a Variable Speed Polisher. Variable speed is needed in order to control polishing speeds for different surfaces and environmental conditions. 

The Glass ReSurfacer System is comprised of a variety of items which produce the most efficient and highest quality glass restoration in the industry. Our system is designed for large products where quality and production are the primary concern.

View before and after pictures of architectural glass restored with the Glass ReSurfacer System.

The Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad and The Glass ReSurfacer Pad can also be used with Metal ReSurfacer to produce the same impressive results on metal surfaces such as anodized aluminum. 

View before and after pictures of architectural metal restored with the Metal ReSurfacer System.

Purchase 6" Backer Pads For $23.90 Each

View Before & After Photos